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BSD Magic
BSD Magic is a administration script for either new users to FreeBSD in helping out do some basic tasks.. or for those lazy admins.

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Announcing the release of NetBSD 2.0
@ :: News ::     Dec 09 2010, 18:34 (UTC+0)
The NetBSD Project is pleased to announce that release 2.0 of the NetBSD operating system is now available.

About NetBSD 2.0

NetBSD is widely known as the most portable operating system in the world. It currently supports fifty four different system architectures, all from a single source tree, and is always being ported to more.

NetBSD 2.0 continues our long tradition with major improvements in file system and memory management performance, major security enhancements, and support for many new platforms and peripherals.

The addition of a native threads implementation for all platforms and symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) on i386 and other popular platforms were long-standing goals for NetBSD 2.0. Both of these goals have now been met - SMP support has been added for i386, Sparc, and PowerPC, and the SMP support on Alpha and Vax has been improved.

Please read below for more achievements in NetBSD 2.0!

Ghost for Unix (g4u) Version 2.0 released
   Dec 07 2010, 19:57 (UTC+0)
I'm happy to announce the release of g4u version 2.0 today. g4u ("ghost for unix") is a NetBSD-based bootfloppy/CD-ROM that allows easy cloning of PC harddisks to deploy a common setup on a number of PCs using FTP. The floppy/CD offers two functions. The first is to upload the compressed image of a local harddisk to a FTP server, the other is to restore that image via FTP, uncompress it and write it back to disk. Network configuration is fetched via DHCP. As the harddisk is processed as a image, any filesystem and operating system can be deployed using g4u. Easy cloning of local disks as well as partitions is also supported.


sguil-0.5.3 Released
Dec 07 2010, 18:19 (UTC+0)
soup4you2 writes: guil (pronounced sgweel) is built by network security analysts for network security analysts. Sguil's main component is an intuitive GUI that provides realtime events from snort/barnyard. It also includes other components which facilitate the practice of Network Security Monitoring and event driven analysis of IDS alerts. The sguil client is written in tcl/tk and can be run on any operating system that supports tcl/tk (including Linux, *BSD, Solaris, MacOS, and Win32)

Changes are:
* Split code into a main sguild file and libs in a ./libs subdir
NOTE new sguild.conf variable for the lib dir location -bamm


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